Binahong (Anredera Heartleaf)

The highlight of today is Binahong (Anredera Heartleaf) as one of superfood. This plant is easy to grow. It grows well in semi-shade condition. It is a vines plant, almost all the part of this plant is usefull for medicine and for herbal therapy. People believe that this plant was popular to heal many kind of desease like healing a scar after an operation, Typhus, Indigestion/Gastritis, Enteritis, Hemorrhoid, Swelling and blood coagulation of blood, Rheumatic, Uric acid and prevent stroke. But most important is that the leaves are delicious to cook, it can be use in sayur bening (soups) or tumis (stir fry). It has similar texture of genjer (Limnocharis flava) and we think binahong is more delicious than kangkung (Ipomoea aquatica ). So this will be served in our lunch menu.

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