Membuat Oven Pizza Dari Barang Bekas Phase 2 Sebagai Metode Pengolahan Limbah Barang Bekas

Allright then, the slab is completely dried, so we are moving on to another phase.

Floor, Wall & Dome
Now we get to the part to the actual oven. For the oven floor we use old bricks laid on a thin layer of sand. The bricks are not mortared to the slab for an easy replacement any brick that becomes damaged over the years. For the first layer of bricks wall, I choose to stand the bricks on end. I dry fit and mortared the bricks. For the second layer, we use an old carboard for the dome shape. Yes…we even try to stood up on the cardboard dome shape .

After we placed the cardboard, the we started to pile the bricks again. Each of the layers consists of half bricks that are angled inward at a slight angle. The door of the oven is important in both size and shape and the correct proportion is that the door needs to be 2/3rds the height of the dome height. Just outside the oven door, we use and old material for a chimney that will move the smoke from the fire up and away.

This part is a very hardwork because we have to be very consistent about detailed…is it done yet? Of course not, still a few steps untill we can use the outdoor pizza oven

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