Membuat Smoke House Dari Barang Bekas Phase 1 Sebagai Metode Pengolahan Limbah Barang Bekas

Remember our outdoor kitchen project? Here are the list : outdoor pizza oven ✖, outdoorstove/pawon ✔, kitchen cabinet ✔ and last but not least is a smoke house.

We love to smoke meat as part of our preservation projects. It goes well on sandwiches, pizza or with steamed rice and chilli paste. So the smoke house is on our bucket list. REMEMBER, all of our building and interior/exterior we build from a waste material, so it’s kinda funky style of DIY.

A smoke house is an enclosed area where the temperature and smoke level may be controlled with acceptable accuracy. The purpose of a smoke house is to enclose heat and smoke, and reduce airflow and of course it must be adequately built and have the ability to be monitored so that the meat is properly cooked to minimize health risks.

We build our smoke house using old bricks, it has three racks. First for a water bowl, second and third for the meat. It was an easy task (much easy than the pizza oven) and we made it in just a few hours before the rain start pourin.

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