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Fathur Rohman

"We must be a disciplined and sincere person in every task entrusted to us."

Fathur has been working as a facilities and infrastructure professional since 2000. He believes that discipline and sincerity are the most important values in a workplace. His dedication earned him Employee of The Year 2019, the most prestigious award from School of Business & Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung. Since 2012, he has worked with Listriana to cultivate a small farm in Cipageran, Cimahi Utara, to this day. This hard work proved to be both an environmental success and an enlightenment. He has found new things that makes him enjoy life more than just office work. He felt better harmony in life. In his own words, "Respect and appreciate all creatures of life and our environment that God created." Current positions: 1. Commissioner at PT Agra Darya Paramusesa 2. Commissioner at PT Pramodya Reksabumi Paramusesa 3. Employee at School of Business & Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung 4. General Affairs at Bandung Permaculture 5. Weekend Gardener

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