Membuat Kompor Pawon Dari Barang Bekas Sebagai Metode Pengolahan Limbah Barang Bekas

We are eager to finished the outdoor kitchen corner, so we could use it for cooking and a place to chatt. In Indonesia, villagers and families are likely to gather around in front of pawon/ Indonesian traditional stove. At some point, it had the ability to gather around family member in pawon rather in guest/family room.

I have no ideas why, but when the aroma of hot tea/wedang jahe are boiled on the stove with granny fried up some fritters/pisang goreng/ubi goreng at the same place…yeah, that probably the reason we love to hang out on pawon while drinking, eating and chatting.

We have some leftover blocks and mesh, so we use it wisely to build our pawon and outdoor kitchen corner.
And we are definitely going to use it this afternoon.

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