Turn Back Time To Our Permaculture

This is the view for almost 2 years, after we visited the garden we have to rush back home to the city (takes 1 hour from our house to the garden, so 2 hours in a day journey) with a daily harvest. Because we still have a “normal job” in town so we are becoming the weekend gardener. Honestly we are exhausted and because of the long journey we think that we didn’t care enough to the garden.

So at the end of 2018 we decided to move to the home garden so we could be more intimate with our garden. But you still have to go to the city to work right? Isn’t that more exhausted rather than a weekend journey? well, the answer is not exhausted at all. Sure we have to wake up very early now, but to see the garden grows in front of our eyes every day and have a cup of coffee with garden view rather than apartement view, who could resist, right?

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