Resep Sorghum Milk Cake/Gluten Free Pukis

Resep Sorghum Milk Cake/Gluten Free Pukis

Have you done your breakfast yet? Yuk buat sarapan untuk si kecil yang lebih sehat dengan menu gluten free yang menggunakan kombinasi tepung mocaf dengan tepung sorghum. Apabila ingin lebih sehat lagi, gantilah gula yang ada diresep ini dengan diabetasol stevia 2-3 sachet and you will get more benefits from it.

I personally loveeeeeee pukis, an ancient traditional street food sweet snack. The coconut milk aroma combine with pandan leaves, the fluffy texture and a little bit sweet on a side will make you wanting more and more. One is not enough.

Resep menggunakan tepung sorghum akan menjadikan kue ini menjadi lebih kaya akan rasa dan texture. Akan ada penambahan rasa dan aroma nutty pada kue, serta texture yang agak masir menyenangkan. Pokoknya kue pukis anda akan menjadi lebih rich and flavour and aroma, there is no doubt about it.

175 ml coconut milk
1 pandan leaves
1/2 tbsp instant dry yeast
100 gr mocaf flour
50 gr sorghum flour
3 eggs
125 gr sugar
cooking oil to oiled the mold

How To:
1. Cook the coconut milk with pandan leaves until boiling, remove from heat, let cool and set aside.
2. Mix yeast with flours until blended.
3. Beat eggs and sugar using a mixer until fluffy, lower the mixer to the lowest speed.
4. Add the flour mixture gradually until blended.
5. Add the coconut milk and stir well. 6. Set aside for 30 minutes until the dough expands.
7. Heat the mold, oiled first then pour the dough, close the mold. cook.

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