Resep Sambal Rawit

There’s a lot of work to be done and the only thing we need is a booster. Lunch with sambal or traditional indonesian chilli paste is a must have to for us and our favourite sambal is Sambal Limau.

Ingredients :
Cabai domba/Birds eye chillies
Gula merah/Palm Sugar
Jeruk Limau/Citrus amblycarpa

How To : Blend chillies, salt and sugar with pestle mortar, taste it. Add some Jeruk Limau juice

We dipped everything we fry on this sambal limau, it has a spicy, savoury, zesty taste that will boost up your whole day. Kami tidak jago membuat sambal jadi jenis sambal yang kami buat itu-itu saja. Please give us your mom’s/granma recipes to share with us and we will gladly re-cook it.

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