Pengolahan Limbah Dapur/Kitchen Waste Management by Biodigester

There are a lot of composting methods to use in the farm/garden, we are using four methods in our garden :
1. Banana circle for composting our kitchen waste and weeds.
2. Vermicompost/Worm Composting for composting our beloved pet’s poo.
3. Aquaculture for our grey water reuse.
4. Biodigester for composting kitchen waste and livestock poo.

This is our small home biodigester. We use this biodigester primary for our sheep and goat poop we be able to use the biogas for light cooking process.

Biodigester ini selain menghasilkan biogas untuk memasak, juga memiliki residu yang disebut bioslurry. Bioslurry ini memiliki nutrisi yang amat tinggi, sehingga kami gunakan untuk pupuk dan pakan ikan nila di kolam.

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