Refugia – Marigold

Accidents do happen. When you are planning to make an herbs corner but accidentaly throw too much marigold seeds in that corner, this is what looks like. An herbs garden with miss marigold everywhere.

They are tarragon, comfrey, rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil, we will add more indonesian herbs and spices very soon.

Scented varieties of marigold will deter beetles, beet leaf hoppers, Mexican bean beetle, nematodes, repels asparagus beetle and tomato worm. The roots produce a chemical that is so strong it is an effective pesticide for years after the plants are gone.

We planted marigold everywhere in our garden bed, pollinator area, and everywhere. We found this view is soothing our soul. Jadi meski belum panenan tapi kebun semarak warna warni. Cerita lucunya adalah waktu awal kami membeli benih, kami terus2an gagal menyemai. Semua trial and error dimedia tanah, sekam, campuran dsb sudah dicoba and we are desperate untill one day we are travelling to cihideung and found a farmer who has plenty of marigold and we don’t hesitate to ask for the plant, guess what? The lady give us the plant for a very cheap price and we gladly planted it. Soon after we harvested the flower, we just scattered it it the most moist area as in dibawah pohon pisang and they all sprouting with a happy face.

Pelajaran yang dapat dipetik : terkadang benih yang terlampau diperhatikan malah malu-malu untuk sprouting dan yang diacuhkan kebanyakan sukses percaya diri sprouting well, at least ini kebanyakan terjadi pada kami, entah salahnya dimana.

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