Selamat Datang Di Pawon Kami

Pawon Bagian Belakang

For those who eager to come to visit ou permaculture garden, I absolutely have to give a warning that we don’t have a suitable living room nor sofas or chairs, even cutleries so we always welcoming our guest in an outdoor kitchen or as a native called pawon. Yes, it has three short, tiny, winy chair called dingklik and a tiny winy table wannabe made of reuse pottery and some cuttlery made from clay or bamboo. All of the outdoor kitchen was made by recycled material, reuse material and upcycle material, so nothing fancy. If it enough for you, then we are happy to welcome. Please do not hesitate to use your not best outfit because it will turn out to be quite a smokey area when we start turn on the stove, boiling some herbal tea, frying banana fritters or even a heavy duty cooking with ingredients that comes from our garden.
Few of our friends has arrived several times and we just love to hang out on pawon while drinking, eating and chatting. We put our heart and soul in this kitchen and we are hoping that our colleague can feel it too.

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